Be the River

It has been almost three months since my last post. Where did the time go?!?! Recovery has been slow and steady. I went back to work in early February and began cardiac physical therapy (PT) in the middle of March. PT is a fun adventure where I am by far the youngest participant by at […]


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Cardiology appointment with DK

Happy Groundhog Day! This week’s recovery has been overshadowed by a persistent and nagging cold. It was probably gifted to me from one of the kids and although it’s nothing too serious, I just can’t seem to shake it off. Valerie attempts to work her magic as she nourishes me with her homemade chicken soup […]

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2 Weeks Postop

Thursday marked two weeks home from the hospital and almost three weeks since my surgery. Time for my post operation appointment at the Duke Clinic. After checking in at the front desk I began the familiar routine of tests. First blood draw, then x-ray and an EKG. I fully anticipated spending my day sitting and […]

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S-Day +14-17 (resupply)

I’m still here. Slowly getting better, one day at a time. I haven’t lost steam on my blog, there just hasn’t been a whole lot to write home about. I imagine this is what being retired is like, nothing really significant happens during the day, but somehow the day passes with the blink of an […]

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My teddy bear

Yesterday was another snow day. We survived, barely. My hand hovered over the red emergency button all day, ready to initiate broken arrow procedures at any given moment. What’s really miraculous is we survived the day without any electronic devices. They were confiscated after yesterday’s poor behavior. The highlight of my day was sitting on […]

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The power of two

Two more days and I’ll be two weeks post surgery. Two week’s until the end of the month. Two full moons this month. Two major snow storms thus far this year, crippling the south and more devastatingly causing school to be closed. Two crazy kids and another snow day… You know all that nice stuff […]

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S-Day +6-9 (first days home)

I started my first full day at home with a 3 mile jog, don’t worry I took it slow. I’m kidding, I just had heart surgery, so I only ran 2.5 miles. In all seriousness, it takes me 10 minutes to get out of bed. It’s a sad roll/ slide and sometimes I just end […]

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S-Day +5 (homecoming)

Will today be the day? The nurses hinted at the possibility of going home, but nothing was certain. There was only one minor snag that could keep me here longer, that damn EKG. To add to yesterday’s fun they observed some irregular heartbeats on one of my EKG tests. The med team didn’t seem too […]

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S-Day +4 (a shitty day)

Yeah, no surprises on this one, the picture and title are a dead giveaway. I will attempt to keep this clean, but this is life, the uncut version of how it goes down or doesn’t go down. If this ain’t your thing feel free to skip this one and wait for the next post. You’ve […]

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S-Day +3 (new neighbors)

It’s Monday, the kids are still out of school… It has been five days since the devastating bomb cyclone destroyed North Carolina. I wonder if my parents and kids are still alive? If not it’s our fault, we should have bought more bread and milk. They are surely dry on juice boxes and fruit snacks […]

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